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Etz HayyimWelcome to Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Hania

Until 1999 Etz Hayyim was a desecrated house of prayer that remained the sole Jewish monument on the Island of Crete after the destruction of our Jewish community in 1944. Essentially it stood as a monument to the success of the Nazis in obliterating 2300 years of Jewish life on the Island of Crete. From 1996 until the year of its re-dedication in 1999 the structure has been painstakingly restored. The philosophy that directed this work is summed up in the Hebrew – ‘Am Israel Hayy’ – ‘The people of Israel Live’. Today it stands as a vibrant statement of Jewish life, vitality and values, whereas yesterday it was still mentioned on the World Monument Fund's list of most endangered sites !

Since the time of its re-dedication Etz Hayyim has quickly assumed an important role as a place of prayer, reconciliation and as a resource center.
We invite you to share in the many facets of its new life.

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There are more than a few links...
There are several links that can be taken advantage of depending on interest:

  • Information on the History of the Jews of Crete (including a special link on the Shoah as it affected Cretan Jewry) -under "The Jews of Crete".
  • Jottings online , the newsletter of Etz Hayyim now available on the net.
  • If you are interested in supporting the Synagogue please go to the Our Benefactors link.
  • Daily life, a photographic diary of Etz Hayyim.
  • News on special events – weddings, bar mitzvoth, the holidays and visitors. The Events link, which is updated regularly gives information on services, exhibitions, and concerts that take place in the Synagogue periodically.
  • A special link tells the story of the Reconstruction and Re-birth of the structure and its history -under "The Synagogue".
  • There is a Synagogue Shop that has a wide selection of books and artifacts, some made by local craftsmen -under "The Synagogue".
  • A fraternity of Jews and non-Jews, the Havurat Etz Hayyim , has evolved quite naturally through our efforts and its members represent today the synagogue and its functions and maintenance -under "The Jews of Crete".
  • Prayer at Etz Hayyim is an important link to Jewish prayer and the ecumenical work of the Synagogue.
  • Concerning the distinctive character of the Jews of Crete who were neither Sephardic nor Ashkenazic we provide a Glossary of terms (especially useful for our non-Jewish visitors too).
  • The Bibliography lists publications having to do with Judaeao-Cretan History.
  • Contact is your means of making a personal link with the new life of the Synagogue and its Havurah.
  • As Hania and Crete are popular tourist attractions we have also included a link on Travel as well.
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