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First Haircut for a male child

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The ritual cutting of the hair of a male child is a very ancient custom and is one that Jews, Christians, Muslims and members of other ancient religions share in common. In could be said that there is something ‘Noahic’ about it as it is so ancient and so ritually performed and commonly practiced.  The sign of age is reflected in the colour, loss, or change in texture of hair and is a sign of decline in strength and vigour. In a male child it is the symbol of his virility and strength and to cut it implies a diminishing.  The symbolism of giving, sacrifice and submission to God’s will is very profound.  On Firday afternoon of the 27th August we gathered together in the courtyard of the Synagogue to take part in the ritual cutting of the hair of 2 year old Ezra Garcia, the son of Ovadiah.  In attendance was a proper barber and after we recited appropriate blessing, the father, mother and Stavroulakis, cut off locks of his hair and then the barber did a proper job of straightening it out as Ezra sedately ( and unexpectedly so) ate a handful of grapes. After this we all assembled in the Synagogue and Psalm 67 was sung and the Blessing of the Cohenim was pronounced over him.


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