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Research & Outreach

Research and Education at Etz Hayyim: An Overview

Learn more about the “Evlagon Institute for Cretan Jewish Studies” and the research topics within Etz Hayyim.

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Etz Hayyim tries to shed some light on the nearly forgotten history of the Jewish Community in Hania. Here you can find details about our Research work as well as a sample biography from the project: the fate of the former Jewish-Haniote Leon Betsikas .

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The private library at the former office of Nikos Stavroulakis; today this room is used for other purposes.

The Library at Etz Hayyim

Here you can find some basic information about the extensive library of Etz Hayyim.

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The Exhibitions at Etz Hayyim

To give an example: Learn about our permanent exhibition regarding the Reconstruction of Etz Hayyim from 1996 to 1999 and what have happend since then. This exhibition was revealed in the course of the 20 years anniversary of the Synagogues re-opening. 

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“Jottings” Archive: The newsletter of Etz Hayyim

Have a lock at our current newsletter which  is downloadable here! Furthermore, you can find all past “Jottings”-editions from 2000 until nowadys within this section. “Jottings” informs the reader about the activities of Etz Hayyim: topics like community life, educational outreach and research works are as well represented as articles written by external experts and friends of the synagogue, covering universal issues like Jewish life in Greece or Antisemitsm in modern times – to mention just two examples.

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International Collaborative Projects

Over the past few years Etz Hayyim has established some fruitful cooperations with international institutions all over Europe. Here you can find more information about our international projects.

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