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Hania Jewish Quarter Virtual Tour

In the Hania Historic Jewish Quarter Virtual Tour you can explore this centuries-old former Jewish neighbourhood, Evraiki, through a series of short videos: each number on the map has a corresponding video; just click on the links in the list below. Designed by the staff at Etz Hayyim Synagogue, the tour follows a route – featuring 10 stations – set out on a map depicting Evraiki in the 19th and 20th centuries. Two of the buildings included on our route no longer exist (stations 3 and 8), while the house numbers on the map do not necessarily correspond to the present-day house numbers, but are based on the house numbers in the historical records.
Each station listed on the map is accompanied by a story about the buildings and their former occupants. These stories bring to life the once vibrant but now almost forgotten Jewish presence in the heart of Hania’s Old Town. The map was created especially for this project by
British-Cretan artist George Sfougaras, based on historical aerial photographs and maps.

Former Jewish Neighborhood Evraiki, drawn by George Sfougaras
0 – Introduction:
The Jewish Presence in Crete
Video link

1 – Etz Hayyim Synagogue
Kondylaki Street – Video link

2 – The Rabbi’s House
39 Kondylaki Street – Video link

3 – Beth Shalom Synagogue
Kondylaki Street – Video link

4 –  The Sarfati family
43 Skoufon Street – Video link

5 – Leon Betsikas
Corner of Skoufon and Parados Portou Streets – Video link

6 – The Kounio Family
13 Skoufon Street – Video link

7 – An Eyewitness Account of the Arrest of the Jewish Community
28 Zambeliou Street – Video link

8 – Former building
at the Northern End of Kondylaki Street
Video link

9 – End of Kondylaki Street
on the Harbour-front – Video link

10 – Santrivani Square
Video link

© for the map and videos: Etz Hayyim Synagogue; videos of the virtual tour were made by Dimitris Tsolakis; English voice-over: Alexandra Ariotti.


The map was also published in print as part of the EU-funded project Heritage Contact Zone and is available from the Etz Hayyim office.
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