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Ner Tamid

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The Ner Tamid in our synagogue was installed in 2000 when the synagogue was rededicated.  For me, at least, it was not what I had hoped for, despite being from the 17th century and with its original silver chains.  I had hoped that it would have been possible to incorporate in it the iron Magen David that I found in 1957 still attached to one panel of the wrought iron gate of the destroyed Jewish cemetery of Hania in Nea Hora.  This panel was being used as a support for a chicken coop. I was able to obtain it with no difficulty and it’s peregrinations began as it accompanied me to Israel (via Athens, London, Marseilles, Haifa) and not long after I began to build the collections of the Jewish Museum of Greece it took up, for me at least, a temporary residence. Alas when I left the Museum in 1993 I did not take it with me which I have regretted as it rightfully belongs here in Hania.   Not long after the second arson attack this year a decision was made to a copper lining in the Ehal. Sam (our only Cohen!) had already been working on making the grills that have been installed on the upper part of the walls and after hope for getting the Magen David from Athens came to nothing we decided to use the design that I had made in 1996 (in anticipation of the renovation of the Synagogue) and to complete the Ner Tamid. The lining for the Ehal has now been installed and the original Venetian glass Ner Tamid has been suspended within a very finely made bronze Magen David with six amber pendants.




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