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Pesach 2011

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This year Passover was celebrated with some 70 people attending the community Seder.  Most attended the Arvith service that was held in the Synagogue and led by Rabbi Nicholas de Lange of Cambridge University.  At the end of the service everyone assembled at the Myrovolos Restaurant which was reserved for the Seder.

We have been experimenting with various Haggadoth over the years and it appears that we have finally managed to create our own that is suited to our needs and circumstances.  Apart from members of the Havurah we can usually expect to find a varied number of people who wish to  touch on the inner life of the Synagogue and especially during the Holidays there are challenges in insuring that the services are meaningful and clear – thus over the past four years our own Hania Haggadah has evolved.

Though led by Stavroulakis and de Lange a large portion of the Haggadah was divided to be read by the participants. As it was Holy Week it was impossible for the Capucin Friars to be with us, but guests from Greece, France, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Israel and the US did attend.

The readings were done in Greek, Hebrew and English and after the Blessing of the Cup of Elijah four members of the Havurah led the participants in singing Ladino songs that they had been preparing under the direction of Lorenzo (Ovadiah).

On the morning of Passover a good number of people came to the Synagogue and Shahrith prayers were said after which there was a Torah study group who were led in examining the scriptural text of the festival.


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