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Philia, Amicitia and Trust: The Concept of Friendship in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Christianity and Judaism

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Colloquium at Etz Hayyim Synagogue Hania


Wednesday, June 4, 6:30pm


Dr. Jeffrey Macy (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Greek Philosophic Concept of Friendship and its Influence on Maimonides

Η Ελληνική Φιλοσοφική Ιδέα περί Φιλίας και η επιρροή της στον Μαϊμονίδη


Dr. David Satran (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Dilemma of Friendship in Early Christianity

Το Δίλημμα της Φιλίας στις αρχές της Χριστιανοσύνης




Thursday, June 5, 6:30pm


Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr (University of Chicago, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Martin Buber on Friendship

Τι πρεσβεύει ο Martin Buber περί Φιλίας


followed by Panel Discussion chaired by Nikos Stavroulakis