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The relative isolation of Crete and its many attractions; archaeological, natural and traditional life style, has made it attractive to more than transient tourists. Many have acquired property and assumed permanent residence. Most are Europeans though increasingly there has been interest from Israelis as well.  Recently the Synagogue was approached by a firm in Rethymno that has had ten years experience in both construction and maintenance of well managed residences.  This firm had been invited to attend and participate in an even promoting Israeli interest in assuming residences and permits in Greece.  The outcome was a quite impressive show of interest made more emphatic through the existence of our synagogue in Hania.

This company is quite impressive in its concern for clients beyond the construction or acquisition of property.  They have three parallel organizations that 1) are responsible for obtaining ALL necessary permit including residence permits for Israeli citizens. 2) The maintenance and 3) upkeep of the property.  Full information can be obtained from their site at: www.kretaeiendom.com